I’m sure that we can all agree that 2023 has been a whirlwind year for so many of Us!  It’s been a year filled with many highs, many lows, disappointments to grieve as well as landmark moments to celebrate! Recently, we as hosts, got to spend a beautiful moment reflecting on all God has done and spoke about how we’re entering into the new year. 

 I was asked about the personal spiritual rhythms that I will be implementing to launch 2024 well and I thought it might be helpful to share them with you. Here are some of the ways that I’ll be kicking off the new year, I hope that some of these ideas inspire you to do them as well: 

Reflect on the Past Year:

  • Before diving into the new year, it’s always good to take some time for introspection. Reflect on the past year—its challenges, triumphs, and the lessons learned. Gratitude for God’s faithfulness and acknowledging areas for growth are essential steps in preparing your heart for the year ahead.

Set Soul Nourishing Goals:

  • Instead of making resolutions solely focused on personal achievements, consider setting goals that are life-giving to your soul. Whether it’s deepening your prayer life, actively participating in a community service project, or growing in a specific aspect of your character, let your goals reflect your commitment to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Start a Scripture Journal:

  • A great idea that might help you get grounded and centered is to start a scripture journal.  It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Word of God daily. Start by jotting down verses that speak to your heart. Meditate on these verses, and allow God’s Word to guide and inspire you throughout the year. A Scripture journal serves as a tangible reminder of God’s promises and wisdom.

Creating a Prayer Plan:

Think about developing a prayer plan that encompasses different aspects of your life—family, work, relationships, your dreams and personal growth. As you pray, surrender your plans to God, trusting that He will lead you through the journey ahead.

Practice Gratitude:

  • A heart full of gratitude is a resilient heart in times of hard seasons. Practicing grattitude simply means taking the time each day to count your blessings. A grateful heart not only fosters a positive outlook but also strengthens your faith in God’s providence, enabling you to face the future with confidence.

Seek Out Community:

  • Life is so much better when we have a community to do it with. In this coming new year, think about surrounding yourself with people who can support you along your journey. Having individuals in your life who can cheer you on and pray you up is truly the gift that keeps on giving. My hope is that you find a strong spiritual community who will provide encouragement, accountability, friendship and the opportunity to grow in your faith.

Practice Forgiveness:

  • As you look to the new year, can I encourage you to release any burdens of unforgiveness that you may be carrying? Forgiving others, and even yourself, is an essential step towards spiritual freedom. Unforgiveness is a prison that keeps us bound and held to past wounds.  Trust in God’s grace and seek His guidance in extending forgiveness to those who may have wronged you.

From all of us at See Hear Love to all of You, we wish you the very best for the new year!  May this year be an incredible one filled with joy, spiritual growth, deepened relationships, and wonderful memories as you embark on new adventures and embrace the opportunities that come your way!

With love,