I always find these kinds of questions quite amusing … and surprising. I guess it surprises me what I choose to divulge to the world … and how surprised people can get/respond when they find out more personal information about me. So, here goes:

1/ My life-long nickname is PEACHIE PIE. I’m named after a real person. Legit. For real. There is a person named PEACHIE PIE somewhere in Southeast Asia today. She’s probably super sweet and maybe even a little bit crusty. (Get it?!)

2/ I am NOT 5 ft. tall. That may surprise you. It may shock you. I MAY have alluded that I am 5 ft tall .. with my super high heels on. But, with my flat Target sandals or Pure Navy slides .. I’m only 4’10 and a half. And, I’m okay with that. Well, unless I’m on the subway and I’m underneath someone’s armpit. That’s when I wish I was 6 ft. tall!

3/ I really don’t like to cook. I love being cooked for. I love being invited over to other people’s homes where they love to be hospitable and cook me up a great spread. I don’t like the time it takes. It doesn’t de-stress me or comfort me. It actually stresses me out. That’s why I LOVE take-out, uber eats and a husband that does like to cook for me. Win. Win.

4/ I have a lot of shoes. I mean a lot. It does convict me sometimes. It’s my weakness. But in my defence, my feet haven’t grown since I was in grade nine in high school. I’ve been a size 6 for awhile and I have kept a lot of shoes from over the years. BECAUSE, everything comes around again and my shoes from 2001 are now back in style. They are! They really are!

5/ I was a football quarterback in grade 7 while attending Singapore American School. I love football. I was a cheerleader for many years in junior high and high school … and decided to try my hand at football in junior high. NOT soccer for those in Europe but actually football – NFL style. I think I was a good quarterback. Think Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.