I can still remember how much my stomach hurt from laughing, the day we taped our latest show in Edmonton, Alberta. I think we had way too much fun getting to know more about each other, that day.

Here are 5 things you might not know about me:

  1. I just  celebrated 24 years of marriage with my husband! Wow, 24 years, that’s a long time right, lol?!  I got married young, right out of bible college. I have to say that it has worked out amazingly, because I now have 3 young adults on my hands…and I’m just getting started!
  2. My favourite genre of films are romantic comedies (I’m such a sap, lol). Rom Coms are my guilty pleasure when I want to have a great Mother/Daughter or Date Night in. Here’s my top 3: The Notebook, Devil Wears Prada & The Proposal.
  3. Let me just say, ahead of time, that you’re not allowed to laugh at this one. I am seriously afraid of rabbits. Yes…I said rabbits, as in fluffy white bunnies. I said not to laugh ( and I see you smiling).  I could walk you through the origin of it but let’s just say that I’ve not been a fan since childhood. In fact, I don’t like anything that hops around. I can tell you that I’m not alone in my phobia (Kevin Hart, Andy Roddick, Jordan Peele etc)…but I know you’re still smiling thinking about it.
  4. I love songwriting & singing. These are my passions and outlets.  I’ve been singing all my life in choirs, jazz ensembles & worship teams. I was a Worship Leader at my former church for 18 years. I’ve also sung back up vocals for several artists in Toronto & have had the privilege of having a couple of my songs recorded on a few international selling gospel albums.
  5. Depending on how long you’ve known me, my nicknames are: Chaka, Cally, Cher, Cher-Bear, Shaymore & Shay.