There are so many things I could tell you about me, but how quirky am I willing to get!? I’m going to get homeschooled, ping pong playing sour candy quirky on you!

  1. That’s right. I was homeschooled. Bless my dear moms heart. I still have no idea to this day how she did it but she pulled me from school in grade 2 and homeschooled me until grade 6. We never did French class so when my parents put me back into the public school system I was a total fish out of water. I could hardly count to 10 in French. Thank the Lord for teachers who had grace upon me and friends who would whispered the answers to me during tests. Just kidding. Sorta.
  1. I could probably most definitely beat you in a game of ping pong. It’s like this weird hidden talent that has stayed with me into my adult years. Got a table? Let’s play.
  1. I’m a recovering candy addict. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to Woolco (do you remember that place?) every Saturday afternoon and buy a huge bag of jujubes. We’d take them home and divi them up between me, my mom and my dad. Well, didn’t that sweet tooth carry on until about 2 years ago when I decided to give up candy all together. Thanks dad for the memories but I don’t want dentures in my 30’s.
  1. I’m a closet sudoku player. I know I know, your grandma probably does sudoko puzzles. Her and I would get along well.
  1. My nick name in my 20’s was B Bounce. Don’t ask any questions.