Remember that moment in elementary school when you discovered that your teacher didn’t live in the classroom? Or that the magical work of the tooth fairy was actually your mother’s doing? Deconstruction is a part of life, learning and growing and asking why! But what happens when we deconstruct our faith? When we have doubts? What happens when we discover things about our lived reality and the world that doesn’t fully coincide with the things we believed about God or faith?

Today one of our ‘Takeover Melinda’s Hosting Chair’ Winners, Blessing Oluloto, will be discussing the complex subject of deconstruction. Guests Josh de Keijzer (theologian, lecturer) and Addison Bevere (author, speaker) will help us understand what deconstruction is and why it happens. Author A. J. Swoboda will explain why we might be adverse to deconstruction as Christians and what we can do as the body of Christ to support and move forward towards reconstruction.